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About Us

 About Me

Hey there ladies ... and maybe gentleman?!

I mean who doesn’t want a good looking butt?!

If I was a dude, I’d be stocking up on glute bands too!


My name is Holly Baxter, founder of My Glute Factory and I am incredibly excited to share with you the story as to why I decided to bring to you what I consider to be the best glute bands on the market. 


Firstly I’d like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit my website and see what’s going on with the launch of my new company My Glute Factory.

Let’s start by letting you in on a little secret. The glute bands and workout programs you see on the site are just the start of what’s to come! I have so many more exciting products lined up and ready to share with you, so this is truly just the beginning of what I hope will be one heck of an adventure! 


To give you a little back ground and why My Glute Factory was formed

I was a track athlete for 11 years, my first ever 100m sprint was at age 9 and my last competitive meet was at the age of 20 and it was sometime around the age of 16 I realized I would need a real job. In my home land Australia, unless you are a jacked male and play ALF football, then there really isn’t much of a career in sport. So being female and not an ALF footballer, I decided to apply my smarts and further my education to ensure I had a well-paying job. Six years later I found myself graduating from Deakin University, in Melbourne Australia with a Bachelor's degree in Food Science and Nutrition and a Master’s degree in Dietetics. It’s a funny thing you know, the more knowledge you acquire, the more you realize just how much you don’t know, and with so many unknowns, I embarked on a rather selfish endeavor which was to continue my education with the dream of one day having a business that was completely centered around my two passions, the first being fitness and the second being nutrition. 

With all my years of sport, as I matured, I quickly realized that I naturally have quite a ‘refrigerator shaped body’, so if I wanted to create the illusion that I had curves, I needed to grow my butt. So in 2014, at the ripe young age of 25 I participated in my first fitness competition. It was also about this time when I purchased my very first set of glute bands and let me tell you, they were nothing like the bands we have access to today! I think I burned through about 10 or more of these paper thin elastics in a matter of weeks. Quite a lot has happened since 2014 and I’ve clearly skipped everything trivial and gotten right down to the all-important stuff, which is absolutely having the burning desire to grow my glutes! 


I can also tell you with a great amount of confidence that during the past 5 years, I have incorporated glute bands as well as a myriad of other essential glute exercises (squats especially) into my resistance training program, every. single. week. No matter what amount of pain these suckers have caused me! 

My first ever fitness contest was in 2015 where I competed as a Bikini competitor. From here I went on to win the amateur Fitness Division at the INBA / PNBA World Championships held in Dubai 2015, then took a second victory at the Pro Sports Model Division at the INBA / PNBA Pinnacle of Natural Sports Natural Olympia held in Las Vegas. This was not without great realization that I needed to put in more time and effort with a focus on building bigger, stronger glutes.

Over the years I have come to realize that glute training is absolutely one of my favorites, and I wanted to take the time to provide you with a high quality product that you can take with you anywhere and rivals the best glute bands on the market, and share my experiences with you not only as a competitor in the fitness industry, but also with the knowledge and education I have acquired as a dietitian, trainer and coach!



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