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My Glute Band FAQ's

Approximate dimensions: 3" by 13" (S/M) and 3" by "15 (L/XL)

Approximate weight: 125g

Color: black and pink

The Bands are manufactured from elasticated non slip grip fabric and are heavy duty constructed for personal use. My Glute Factory Bands have been tested by fitness professional and are Gairenteed against wear and tear for at least 3 months of frequent use. 

The Glute Bands are available in 2 sizes (Medium and Large) and 2 strengths,  Strong and Heavy, allowing for a total of 4 resistance options.

If you're just looking to buy one single band, we recommend that the majority of users purchase the Medium sized band in the Strong resistance as a starting point. However, individuals with larger thighs may wish to purchase the Large sized band in the Strong resistance instead. Stronger and fitter users will want to opt for the Medium or Large sized bands with Heavy resistance.

Instead of asking which band is right for you, consider buying all 4 Bands.The reason why we suggest this is that each band is useful for different exercises, variations, and rep ranges. For example, the Large size Glute Bands are better suited for sumo squat and sumo band walks as they allow for larger excursions. And the Heavy Glute Bands are better suited for working lower rep ranges.

We have a 25% restocking fee for any returns of this nature so please contact us to arrange an exchange. Please also note that we need the returned product(s) to be in their original packaging and be in an as-new condition in order to be eligible for an exchange. Please email us with an image attached for expediency of exchange.

If you do order an incorrect item please notify us immediately! If the item hasn't yet shipped we should be able to cancel the order and refund you so that you can place a new order with us for the correct item.

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